Software / Writing



Put broadly, I’m most interested in science–particularly computer science–and philosophy, so that’s what you can expect to see here. Generally, the writing I do on the internet can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Tutorials
  2. Essays
  3. Reflections

The writing isn’t highly personal–I have a journal for that–regardless of the subject matter the aim of each post is to be useful or interesting to readers. My biggest inspiration is Gwern’s Branwen’s blog.

If you have feedback for a post, please contact me.


I’m a software engineer. Right now I’m working at Amazon Web Services on an IoT product called Greengrass. I’d describe the work I do here as mostly DevOps, or backend software engineering. I really enjoy it :)

In the past I’ve been a research assistant at a biomedical engineering lab out of Ohio State, and a freelance web developer. My experience is broad, ranging from machine learning to DevOps, to front end, and backend development. I’ve worked on and maintained a wide variety of projects at various scales; ranging from things like publicly facing AWS APIs with very high traffic and 24/7 on call, to mom-and-pop static websites and 1-off deep learning experiments.

You can see my resume here or see my past experience in full on my LinkedIn.